ATM Solutions

Your ATM network is one of your most important customer contact point. Pay Out offers new systems as well as manages your networks availability and  improves performance. We offer a wide range of expertise in ATM installation and service.

Pay out offers  high-quality services  through various activities performed by repair and maintenance engineers and support specialists.

  • Technical support, preventive maintenance & repair
  • Monitoring & Remote Management
  • Reporting
  • Application development, testing & customization
  • Installation (site preparation, installation & testing )
  • Equipment Leasing

Who benefits from our services?

  • Central banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Cash-in- transit companies
  • Casinos

Our portofolio includes:

  • Cash dispensing ATMs
  • Multifunctional lobby system supporting bundle check and cash deposit transactions with options to support coin dispense
  • Cash recyclers
  • Multifunctional ATM with coin dispensing
  • ATM maintenance
  • Voucher selling TOP UP & others)

We offer different models of technical support,  based on customers’ requirements, including:

  • Help Desk/Service Desk
  • Dedicated ATM Help Desk agents and Service Desk professionals
  • Incident handling process
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Reporting