Card parsonalisation

Card Personalization System is developed to provide banks the software and personalization systems required to print chip cards with batch card printing machines.

The integration of HSM security hardware to the system for coding purposes during personalization can also be performed.

Personalization software has a parametric infrastructure that allows adaptation to all card systems regardless of brand and model, and provides high-performance card personalization. The system offers comprehensive solutions to improve operation, and incorporates an advanced reporting system that can generate a variety of reports related to card printing.


  • Contact and contactless card printing
  • Debit card, prepaid card and credit card printing
  • Operations
  • High-performance card personalization
  • Parametric infrastructure
  • Flexible structure to improve operation
  • Reporting module provides in-depth reports


  • High level of security
  • Card printing key management via HSM security hardware
  • Windows-based platform
  • Machine and Card Support
  • Support for various printing machines
  • Support for various card brands and models