Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosks, make your services available to customers beyond the ordinary working hours. The customers get the services by themselves without any help from a desk employee.

Self Service Kiosks provide:

– services to customers 24×7 anywhere anytime à Enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

-Reduce the cost per transaction – Transactions are done without employee intervention.

Kiosk components depend on what services will be provided:

  • Digital Signage Screen
  • Touch screen
  • Scanning / Reading
    • Passport Scanner & Reader
    • ID Reader
    • A4 Scanner
    • Bar-code Reader
  • Printing / Issuing
    • Receipt Printer
    • A4 printer
  • Payment Devices
    • Card Payment
    • Cash Payment
    • Cash Dispensing
  • Bio-metrics
    • Fingerprint scanner
    • Camera