POS Maintenance

Along with our specialist specialized products and solutions, we can offer you a complete support services package tailored to your specific needs — ensuring that you will be able to run your POS network effortlessly and efficiently.

We understand that managing a POS network is a demanding, sophisticated task and that potential failures may have serious financial effects and a negative impact on customer satisfaction. At PayOut our long history of managing POS networks means we understand the challenges involved and we offer our customers a unique set of services to help them manage their networks effectively.

Combining our state-of-the-art back-office tools (Terminal Management System, Remote Key Loading System, Incident Management System etc) with our network of service centers and a number of highly skilled partners in different countries, we can provide a complete managed services range for POS networks, including:

•          Maintenance and Repair (preventive and incident-based);

•          POS software lifetime management (as outsourced service);

•          Incident tracking and management reporting;

•          Remote Key Loading and Management service;

•          Remote Network Monitoring (as outsourced service);

•          Asset Ownership options (equipment rental / leasing).